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SRF represents the resident population

SRF was formed in 1982 and consists of local coastal and archipelago compounds from the islands Koster in the west to Luleå archipelago in the north and in the lakes Hjälmaren and Vättern. Many small local associations work with their interests, transportation, service and school issues. Through the SRF, the population of the archipelago communities make their voices heard on a national level. We devote even the EU and its regional work special interest.

Diversity Vision gives strength

Rural Archipelago, agriculture archipelago, metropolitan archipelago - much unites but also differs between the various archipelagos. An affirmation of differences, create new solutions and make life richer. Archipelago population belongs to the future of Sweden, with many different cultures and ways of life in urban and rural areas.

Members from the north to the south

 Members from the north to the south

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