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European Small Islands Federation

More and more decisions affecting the islanders are living in the EU. Concrete examples are the division into "assisted areas" in the EU, the opportunities for targeted support to agriculture and fisheries, rules about shipping assistance, state aid rules, etc. This gradual transfer of decisions to the EU means that we must guard our conditions also at European level.

In order to have a greater chance of success with this, a partnership developed between national island organizations. In 2001 SRF took the initiative and invited organizations from Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland and Scotland. A network was established with the first task to compare the different conditions of the small islands in the different countries. This was done in a joint project, the Inter Island Exchange Project.

Networking gets Federation
After a couple of years was the cooperation formalized and European Small Islands Federation was formed. Then three more members joined, from Estonia, Greece and Italy. The common identity is that the members of ESIN represent the population of small islands which do not constitute a separate administrative region. In these nine countries are around 1200 inhabited these islands with a total of about 343 000 inhabitants. 2009 was another compound, the Åland archipelago.

Two tasks
By ESIN we work on two tasks, and to transfer knowledge and experience between the islands within the EU, and that the joint strength inform and influence EU politicians and institutions. More information can be found in various documents on this website.

2012 opened the new website / blog

ESIN chairman 2012

 ESIN AGM 2012 former vice Bruno Nuory, France, new vice Camille Dressler and chairman Bengt Almkvist, Sweden

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